fire door stainless steel Ball Bearing hinges

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fire door stainless steel Ball Bearing hinges  

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Stainless steel is a popular hardware material today. Many of the pots, pans, and home decoration materials we usually use are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel hinge is one of many hardware materials. Most stainless steel hinges are made of 2 stainless steel plates and pins, the latter is the function of connecting the former.


In terms of type, stainless steel hinges are also divided into ordinary type, pipe type, door hinge, flip door hinge and countertop hinge. These different types of hinges are widely used in doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, etc.


Since stainless steel has the characteristics of heat resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong plasticity, the hinges made from it also have similar characteristics. But again, if there are advantages, there will be corresponding disadvantages, such as poor alkali resistance and high price. In addition, the stainless steel hinge also has a relatively obvious disadvantage, that is, it does not have the function of a spring hinge, and it is necessary to install a bumper to prevent the wind from blowing the door panel.


Is there a difference between a hinge and a hinge?


Different application range 


The hinge is usually used for the installation of doors and windows, and the hinge is mostly used for the installation of furniture. A hinge is limited to allowing the sash to rotate, while a hinge allows a sash or cabinet door to both rotate and translate. Moreover, in some special occasions, the two cannot be replaced at will. For example, casement windows can only use hinges, and hinges cannot ensure the force requirements.


Different ways to use


It is also installed on the window. Since the hinge itself has no friction, it needs to be used together with the plank to prevent the window from being damaged by the wind when the window is open; if it is a hinge, it can be used alone due to its own resistance.


Most of the time, hinges and hinges actually refer to the same thing, or we think of them as one material. Therefore, if you go to buy these two, it is really impossible to determine whether the two are the same, you can go to the regular manufacturer to see the product directly.


Will stainless steel hinges rust?


We know that stainless steel has its own rust and corrosion resistance, mainly because it has a very thin but hard iron-like protective film on its surface. This protective film also has a very interesting name, called chromium-rich oxide film. . The main function of this film is to prevent the invasion of oxygen atoms and prevent continued oxidation, so as to get the ability to resist rust.


However, when the protective film on the surface of the stainless steel is damaged for some reason, the oxygen atoms in the air will see the timing and infiltrate immediately, and then the iron atoms separated from the metal will react to form iron oxide. As for the ending, everyone has guessed that rust spots appeared on the stainless steel.


To sum up, stainless steel hinges may also rust, and there are many reasons for rusting. For example, the environment contains a lot of salt, or there are attachments on the surface. Therefore, in order to avoid rusting of stainless steel hinges, in addition to choosing high-quality products, it is more important to pay attention to the protection of this "uncle" and keep it away from any factors that may cause rust spots.


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