How to Choose Shower Handle?

June 27,2022

The handle of the shower room is the core component of the shower room, and the quality of the handle directly affects the use effect of the shower room. When choosing the handle of shower accessories, there are two main aspects to consider. First, is the overall shape of the handle. In the decoration of the shower room, the quality and shape of the aluminum alloy bathroom handle can give people an aesthetic feeling. The other aspect is the material of the handle. At present, stainless steel and space aluminum are the main materials for handles on the market.


Maintenance Skills of Glass Door Handle

May 19,2022

We all know that the glass door is made of tempered glass. Because it is tempered glass, the hardness is very reliable. In addition, the glass door is easy to clean, and the style is very generous, transparent, and transparent, which does not affect the indoor light at all. It can be said that it has many advantages.


How to Clean Stainless Steel Handle

May 06,2022

Bathroom handrail is a very common object in the home, although compared to the wooden handrail maintenance is much easier, but still need regular maintenance. When our hands usually touch the handrail, bacteria is easy to stay on it, and over time, there will be traces, it is difficult to wipe off. Today we will share with you some knowledge of how to maintain the stainless steel handrail.


Everything You Need to Know about Stainless Steel Glass Clamps

April 25,2022

The stainless steel glass clamp is composed of connecting claw, connecting joint, base and other components. The connecting claw is an important tool for connecting the glass curtain wall. The following describes the stainless steel glass clip in detail.


Something You Should Know about PVC Seal Strips

April 11,2022

The main component of PVC sealing strip is polyvinyl chloride, and other components such as plasticizers are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. PVC sealing strip is easy to form, recyclable and reusable.


Types And Functions Of Hinges

March 14,2022

Presumably many of you have seen hinges. Now, hinge is used in many places, but a lot of people don't know well about it. Hinge also has many types, and different  hinge also have different applications. Following, we are going to introduce the types and functions of it.


What are the Precautions for Glass Door Handle Installation?

January 20,2022

Now many families choose to design the bathroom as a glass door when decorating. In this case, the glass door needs a very suitable glass door handle to match, so how to install the glass door handle? Let's learn together.